Ventilation For Your Air Compressors

Has your compressor been shutting down without any known cause? Could poor ventilation be the culprit behind the shutdowns? Compressors generate an immense amount of heat and overheating is one of the most common reasons for compressors shutting down. Lack of proper ventilation leads to air compressors shutting down and can also result in your air compressor being damaged. Ventilation should be kept in mind from the time you decide to purchase a compressor. The design of the room actually plays a huge role in the ventilation for your compressor. Something as big as a rotary screw air compressor can generate 3000 BTU/hr of heat energy per horsepower. That’s as much heat as some of the camp outdoor ovens. Make sure your compressor is pulling in air from the coolest part of the room and from the lowest portion of the room as this is where the coolest air will be. On the opposite side, at the highest point in the room, temperature controlling ventilation fans should be installed to keep the cool air flowing in and around the air compressor. If the design of the room doesn’t allow for cool air to move freely across the equipment then ducting is an alternative great option. You have the ability to add ducting to the inlet and outlet air but please re-visit your manufacturer’s ducting guidelines before implementing this. If it’s not done properly, ducting could result in an adverse effect. These are just a few ways to solve ventilation problems. If you need further assistance with ventilation for your air compressor, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.