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FAQ: What You Need To Know About Air Compressor Lubrication

If your facility relies on a compressed air system to power pneumatic tools or for other applications, protecting your air compressor from damage and performing preventative maintenance is a top priority. For every hour the system is down, your operation is losing money. Air compressor lubrication is one of the vital elements of keeping the…

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FAQ: Desiccant Air Dryer Sizing

Properly sizing a desiccant air dryer may seem simple.  Just line up the maximum output of the compressor to the air dryer inlet capacity, and done!  Right? Wrong.  Done this way, you’ll end up with a dryer that is oversized and unnecessary. Properly sizing a desiccant air dryer is anything but obvious.  Keep reading to…

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FAQ: Refrigeration: The Art of Dryer Sizing

When you’re in the market for a compressed air dryer, it’s imperative that you determine the appropriate size you need. One machine does not fit all jobs! If you purchase an air dryer that is too small, you won’t get the results you want and vice versa.  To figure out the right size you need,…

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FAQ: Types of Compressed Air Dryers – Refrigerant and Regenerative Desiccant

Why Use Refrigerated Dryers Industrial or commercial facilities that use air-operated machinery or tools, must have an efficient compressed air dryer to remove any water vapor from the compressed air and prevent condensation from interfering with sensitive machinery or producing condensation which can rust and damage the machine. Refrigerated compressed air dryers are used because…

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FAQ: Different Types of Compressed Air Dryers

If you use air operated tools and machinery, owning a compressed air dryer is a must. Compressed air dryers work to remove moisture from the air, protecting valuable tools and machinery, and your work, from water damage and rust.  When air is compressed, the moisture in that air remains and with an air dryer, this…

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