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FAQ: Electrical Guidelines and Best Practices

Some electrical practices are intuitively well understood by the technically minded. You don’t want too much moisture, for instance, or to use an ungrounded outlet. Other considerations may not be as obvious, for example pneumatic tools may generate static electricity, which can ignite fumes and flammable vapors present in the environment Care should always be…

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FAQ: Air Compressor Operation and Lock Valves

Compressed air systems are versatile and provide a range of uses. They can be equipped with many additional features which extend their usefulness across their applications. Because they are so powerful, they are regulated to keep those who work with them safe. Compressor Types The air will usually be compressed using one of two major…

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FAQ: EPA/Oil Water Separators

Keeping Your Air Compressor Compliant In most instances, the air compressor you operate will use oil to lubricate the mechanism. Though this oil is collected, filtered and reused, it eventually comes to the end of its use and ultimately must be drained and replaced. Because environmental regulators levy fines for contamination, an oil/water separator was…

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FAQ: Selecting The Right Compressor

Air compressors have endless uses. You’ll find yourself needing compressed air if you’re painting your porch, filling your football, working on your car or truck, all the way up to the most heavy-duty construction projects. We’ll provide a brief overview of the most common air compressor types, so you can get a better idea which…

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